Residential Security

With the increasing number of Homes, Buildings and Offices being left a loan during Business Trips, Holidays and Long Weekends and the increase in Burglaries, Vandalism and Door Step Muggings, the need to protect your property and belongings within the property is increasing.

Experiencing the above can make the owner feel vulnerable and uneasy to carry on with a normal life within these dwellings, therefore the need for Residential Security is at high.

High Profile Individuals such as Wealthy Business Owners, Celebrities and Sports Personalities are being targeted for theft or worse ransom of items when properties have been left for a lengthy period. Reports in the press of these crimes targeting wealthy personnel are also on the increase. Residential Security Teams are being used more and more as a deterrent to minimise risk to property and assets within.

M & M Residential Security Teams are governed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority) and handpicked by ourselves with the upmost professionalism and desecration to our Clients. Our Teams are highly trained in Patrolling, Securing high and low network Personnel and Properties also being able to assist and advise in any areas of concern to the Individual and or client.

M & M Security will start a Residential Security task with a Risk and Security analysis of the Clients Premises including a consultancy meeting with the Client to assess what level of Security we envisage and the Clients needs for the task both overtly and covertly depending on lifestyle and risk to the individual.

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