Personal Protection

The role of the Personal Protection Officer (PPO(Bodyguard)) is misunderstood by today's society as most are exposed to this line of work through highly dramatized Hollywood movies. In contrast to these beliefs the role of the PPO is that of a facilitator, protecting and helping the Client/Principle through there day making sure no harm comes to them.

The Roles involve anything from vehicle searching to planning safe routes to finding the nearest restaurant or hotel. The Number one part of all these duties is to protect the individual through their daily activities.

M & M Security would first meet up with the Client/Principle carrying out a threat assessment on their lifestyle, work locations and places of interest, has the Client/Principle had any threats if so what sort, Cyber, Phones or Verbal building up a profile of the individuals life assessing what needs they would require. All this would determine the size of the Personal Protection Team and what time scale of cover they require.

M & M Personal Protection Teams are governed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority) and handpicked by ourselves with the upmost professionalism and desecration to our Clients. Our Teams are highly trained Close Protection Officers with skills to remove a Client/Principle quickly and professionally from any arising situation. M & M Personal Protection Teams are there to help and guide with any concerns the Individual or client has.

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